Products Range

At Namco Solutions, We have developed an excellent range of 2-part epoxy resin grout  products and epoxy putty paste (NSL-18-11-DAT-EPUTTY-01-VC2) for the following applications:

  • Airport runways and taxi lights in accordance to FAA P-606
  • Steel bolt anchor to concrete foundation
  • Steel plate structural bonding
  • Mild steel and cast iron linepipe epoxy filled sleeve repairs
  • Pipeline epoxy resin filled hot tapping applications 
  • Anti-corrosion coating on metallic substrates
  • Concrete, asphalt and masonry crack repairs 
  • Marine steel structure and leak repairs
  • Leaking roof and concrete drain sealants
  • Carbon and glass fibre lamination
  • Damaged wooden frame gap filler and moisture sealant