About us

Dan+Vu+222Namco Solutions Limited was established in 2008 by the Vu family to provide engineering consultancy services to the Oil and Gas sector.  The business has gone from strength to strength over the years with on-going contracts for major clients such as Subsea 7, National Grid,  DNV-GL Industrial Services and Rosen Engineering Group.  The company Managing Director, Dan Vu, is a registered Chartered Engineer and a Fellow member of The Institution of Mechanical Engineers.  Mr Vu has the vision for the company to expand beyond the energy sector and into the transportation services (such as road, rail and air).

In 2015, the company embarked on the development of 2-part epoxy grouts to enhance the efficiency of pipeline repairs methodologies and improve pipeline live intervention operations, such as the Grouted Tee technologies.  In 2017, through Network Innovation programme within National Grid, these improved / enhanced epoxy products were subjected to a comprehensive testing and qualification programme which was witnessed by DNV-GL, to use on carbon steel pipelines within the distribution and transmission networks in the United Kingdom.  The company has since expanded its epoxy product range to cover works on high temperature pipelines and subsea structures.

For over 12 years, the company has been contracted to Subsea 7 providing technical solutions and engineering management in global subsea pipeline and structure repair projects.  Its main contributions were in technical consultancy and project management in all aspects of epoxy resins and cement mortar technologies.

Over the last 32 years, Mr Vu has built a reputation as a key researcher in the development of pipeline live intervention methods worldwide. He led many stage gate research programmes in this topic and developed technical specifications and operating standards for the oil & gas operators. National Grid is now using these standards in their daily operations. 

Since 1990, Mr Vu has been at the forefront in the development of  methodologies to further reduce installation risks in live interventions in high pressure  transmission oil and gas networks.  He has authored a number of international conference papers in this area and established as an international consultant in hot tapping epoxy technologies for both land and subsea applications.  In 2006 he was recognised by the Institute of Gas Engineering Management, IGEM, for the outstanding innovative works on the development, qualification and implementation of epoxy hot tapping technology and had registered a number of granted patents of this innovative technique worldwide.

In 2000, Mr Vu setup the joint industry project, funded by BP, Total, Shell & ConocoPhillips and undertook the technical leadership in the subsea epoxy hot tap development programmes.  In 2006, Mr Vu led a team of Engineering Consultants, Design Engineers, operation technicians and contractors at Subsra 7 to develop epoxy technologies for hot tap applications for subsea pipelines.  Mr Vu’s role involved project management, technical governance, technical deliveries and managing intellectual properties rights.