June 2022: Namco Solutions continued to provide epoxy materials to support DNV for its pipeline repair projects in Australia and the whole of Asia Pacific region.  

June 2022: As part of TDW’s deliverables for TAP, Namco Solutions has provided full training programme to Onflow technical engineers and site technicians in mainland Greece in the application of ESR.  Positive feedbacks were received from all those attended the programme. 

April 2022: Namco Solutions delivered one complete set of grout injection system including mixing equipment and over 1,200 litres of epoxy materials and solvents to Greece to support TAP EPRS programme.  

March 2022: Namco Solutions together with Abbots Fixings Ltd have successfully designed a simple but very methodology to secure light bases on UK highways.  The design were trialled on dummy bases and subsequently tested on the light bases on the highway   

February 2022: Namco Solutions together with its engineering partners successfully completed the design and engineering analysis of the 36″ and 48″ bolted ESR clamps for TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipelines).  These bolted ESR clamps formed part of the EPRS equipment for TAP.     

December 2021: Namco Solutions has actively supported KPC to successfully complete its ESR program on large diameter pipelines.  Namco Solutions supplied three additional complete sets of epoxy injection equipment to assist with the repair programme.

November 2021: Namco Solutions together with its manufacturing partner, Waring Engineering Limited successfully designed and manufactured ESR clamps for Cadent and National Grid.  These included both straight pipe sections and bend elbows. 

October 2021: Namco Solutions has successfully won the second contract to deliver over 8,500 litres of pipeline repair products and grout injection equipment to KPC (Kurdistan Pipelines Company).  Namco was successfully delivered all epoxy materials safely in one shipment using road transportation from its production plant in United Kingdom to KPC warehouse is Erbil.  The project were delivered on time and budget..  Namco epoxy products are being applied to repair large diameter pipelines throughout the Kurdistan region. 

August 2021: Namco has been contracted to work with another principal pipeline service company to design and build EPRS (Emergency Pipeline Repair System) for a large gas pipeline operating in Europe.  The programme was based on Namco Solutions strong technical working group providing Finite Element Analysis, structural engineering, materials selection, welding technology, mechanical equipment expertise, excellent field application and technical documentation, 

June 2021: Over the past 6 months, Baker Hughes – PII Pipeline Solutions have been ordering epoxy materials from Namco Solutions to support their pipeline repair offerings around the globe.  This is due to excellent working relationships between all parties to  ensure high quality products and services have been provided to the end users.

February 2021: Namco Solutions has again successfully delivered over 4,000 litres of pipeline repair products to KPC (Kurdistan Pipelines Company).  The materials were delivered to Kurdistan via express road freight to minimize unnecessary delays at sea ports.  However, the main achievement was meeting KPC tight timescale in order to meet its ambitious pipeline repair programme.  

January 2021: Namco Solutions formally launched its 2-Part epoxy based ‘High Flow Precision Epoxy System’ applicable for securing airport runways and taxiways lighting infrastructures in accordance with FAA P-606.  Product range also includes ultra-rapid setting grades for both cold and tropical environments. (NSL-20-06-01-DAT03-C1 – FAA P-606)

December 2020: Namco Solutions together with ROSEN (UK) have successfully delivered the training programme to KPC (Kurdistan Pipelines Company) engineers, technicians and contractors on the application of grout injection methodologies for ESR (Epoxy Shell Repairs) applications in accordance to ASME PCC-2 specification. Excellent positive feedbacks received from KPC operations. 

November 2020: Working together with ROSEN (Middle East), Namco Solutions has successfully exported (road freight) over 3,000 Litres of of its pipeline epoxy products and injection pumping equipment to Kurdistan to support KPC (Kurdistan Pipelines Company) of its pipeline repair campaign in 2021 & 2022.  

October 2020: National Grid Plc has successfully installed two 42 inch Grouted Tee  using Namco Solutions 2-part pipeline repair epoxy grout.  Feedback from site technicians were very positive on the ease of its installation process and QA/QC assurances.

August 2020: Namco Solutions was awarded a contract by ROSEN (Middle East) to provide pipeline epoxy injection equipment and over 5,000 litres of epoxy grout and epoxy-based putty end sealant to support KPC in its pipeline repair campaigns in 2020 and 2022.  The contract also included the provision of training documentation and practical workshop training to KPC staff & site technicians.  All trainees shall be assessed and certified as Competent installation personnel by ROSEN Engineering Group.

 June 2020: Namco Solutions has successfully qualified its 2-part epoxy based  “High Flow Precision Epoxy System” for airport runway and taxiway lighting systems in accordance to FAA P-606 specifications for both cold and tropical environmental conditions.  

May 2020: Namco Solutions launched the Rapid Cured “High Flow Precision Epoxy System”.  These products can be installed and cured to reach high compressive strengths within 5 hours making it possible for airport authorities to carry emergency repairs within its airport infrastructures such as runways, taxiways and signages.  

March 2020: Namco Solutions has extended epoxy-based putty and epoxy grout products to sub-zero environments suitable for installation up to -5°C ambient conditions

December 2019: DNV-GL Ltd successfully applied Namco pipeline 2-apart epoxy resin grout in Grouted Tee hot tapping applications in Australia where ambient temperature was in excess of 35°C. 

November 2019: Namco Solutions together with Abbott Fixings Systems have successfully used Namco high flow precision epoxy grout (winter grade) as a load transfer medium to reinforce two buckling walls.  Ambient installation temperature was between 5 and 7°C

September 2019: Namco bolt anchoring products were successfully tested on high way concrete blocks.  The tests were carried out over a period of months to compare physical properties and maximum destructive strength performance over other bolt anchoring epoxy products in the market.     

August 2019: Namco high strength pourable epoxy products were used by One Stop Hand Car Wash Ltd to resurface a heavy used and chemically damaged tarmac surface.  Anti-slipping grits were also added to enhance the safety features of the working site.  

January 2019: National Grid Pipeline Maintenance Centre rolled out the use of Namco Solutions 2-part epoxy resin grout products for pipeline repairs and hot tapping applications

October 2018: Namco Solutions supported National Grid to show case its epoxy resin grouting system for pipeline repairs (Epoxy Filled Shell Repair and Grouted Tee Hot Tapping Technologies) at the LCNI 2018 Conference (Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference)

February 2018: Namco Solutions successfully completed the qualification programme for its pipeline epoxy resin for all steel pipelines of UK Gas Networks.  The programme was witnessed and results were verified by DNV-GL to ensure that physical strength properties of the epoxies are suitable for both short and long term performance (Epoxy NG – NIA).

August 2017: The development of two part epoxy resin materials for subsea applications is successfully completed.  This is a 2-part epoxy system suitable for seabed (pressure balanced) pumping system at both shallow and deepwater applications.  Both resin & hardener parts have 1:1 ratio in volume and similar viscosity level to provide high quality final mixed product.

July 2017:  The use of epoxy shell technology to reinforce major transmission gas pipelines near a major road networks (Protecting pipelines based near vital road networks)

June 2017: Via National Grid, Namco Solutions undertook the comprehensive test programme from UK Network Innovation Allowance to qualify two of its epoxy products to be used in UK gas transmission and distribution networks.  This product range would substantially reduce the stock level of epoxy resin for pipeline repairs with National Grid  

February 2017: Namco Solutions completed its development for 2-part epoxy grout to be used on large diameter cross country pipelines.

March 2016: Namco Solutions completed its first epoxy production and test laboratory in UK.

July 2015: Namco Solutions embarked on the developments of epoxy resin materials for offshore and subsea applications.  

March 2011: Namco Solutions was contracted by Subsea 7 to design and develop world first large diameter inflatable grout injector for underwater piles to anchor tripod structure for sub-surface hydroelectric power turbine in the Scotland’s high current estuary, Orkney .  The system was successfully installed in September 2011. 

January 2009: Namco Solutions assigned Mr Vu to support Subsea 7 contracts.  This included subsea equipment and deep water applications.