Airport Runway Lights (FAA P-606)

Namco Solutions has developed an excellent range of 2-part pourable high flow precision epoxy grouting system to secure airport runway and taxiway lights.  These products have been independently tested to meet operating conditions within FAA P-606 specifications (NSL-20-06-01-DAT03-C1 – FAA P-606)  

Our 2-part pourable epoxy resin systems are suitable for installation ambient conditions from -5°C up to +50°C.  After the grout materials are cured within 24 hours then they can be subjected to operating temperature from -40°C and up to +125°C.  This covers many airport applications around the world (Europe, Far East and Australia).

We have also developed fast cured epoxy for emergency applications.  These epoxy based materials can reach maximum strength properties within a few hours allowing the runways to re-open after a few hours of repairing of runway lighting failure.